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Thursday, April 3, 2014

Call Girl

Written by a friend and co-worker:
Ashli Thinks

Working in a call center has been an interesting experience. There is a huge misconception that people who work in call centers are unintelligent, and I like to think of myself as Exhibit A when disputing that myth. When I graduated in August with a degree in Finance I never pictured myself with this job or anything like it. Every day is different and almost every call is unique. However, there are a few types of calls that repeat pretty often. My Favorite 5 Routine Calls 1. Can I speak with John? Sure, let me look in the directory. There are 500 John’s employed with the company. Should I just play eeny meeny miney mo?

2. So you mean I’m going to have to pay my deductible when it’s the OTHER PERSON’S FAULT?!?!! Because it makes no sense that an insurance company wouldn’t want to pay for the whole amount of damages to your vehicle when it wasn’t your fault? If it wasn’t your fault what makes your think it’s your insurance company’s responsibility to pay for someone else’s screw up? FYI, file through the at fault party’s insurance. No deductible and no stupid questions.

3. Guys having difficulty admitting that they got “rear ended”. I’ve heard about every phrase to avoid using that term.

4. People who refer to the insurance company as “you people”. “You people are screwing me over.”

5. People who are “injured” after their parked car got tapped by another car. Okay, so your car has a scuff mark on it but your neck and back hurt. I’ll jot that down.

My favorite phrase, even when I haven’t really helped at all.

Saturday, January 25, 2014

The Eat Your Heart Out aka The Seven Day Diet aka The Satan Diet.

Good Morning- I'm starting this today. Well going grocery shopping then starting this today. I found it on Pinterest but here is the link to the girl who started it's blogs. The first link is the one that Pinterest takes me to. The second one is the one I found while doing more research. She has a FAQ section that answers a lot of questions about the diet.



So right now I'm starting at:


Let's see how this goes.

Peace, Love, and Loosing Weight,

Shannon R Squared

Wednesday, January 1, 2014



Tory Burch camel cardigan
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